Versace at the Academy Awards

Should I stay or should I go? With the 2016 Academy Awards ceremony swiftly approaching that seems to be the question on everyone’s mind. The lack of diversity among the Academy nominees this year, or any other year for that matter, has been very well documented and publicized. To go or not to go? I don’t know. What I do know is that if I were to go I’d be wearing this gown from the Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection!

I mean ladies can we talk about how Versace knows how to dress a woman’s body? Look at the beautiful sheer detailing on this gown! Now I digress. I know this may be just a tad too sheer for the Academy Awards so there are a few things I would do to make it more appropriate: shorten the slit, panel the bodice, and…actually that’s it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love the slit just where it is but I would have to shorten it in order to put my flesh colored bodice in place. Also the Oscars ceremony is a pretty classy event (understatement) and this gown is dripping with do-me sex appeal. In order to truly justify this piece I would have to make it slightly more conservative.

As for the bodice I originally considered a flesh toned shapewear that started just under the bust and ended just above the thigh. But I now think that I would use an entire body suit. That way my breasts would have support without adding a brazier. Also shapewear is plenty customizable. The bra can be shaped in the same plunge fashion as the bust on the dress. And on second thought I wouldn’t even need to adjust the length of the slit! I’d make the bottom of the shapewear into a high cut bikini style. Problem solved!

Now on to the important stuff. Accessories. I’m going all out and pairing this baby with these bad boys.   prelaunchshoe1

Okay so it’s totally safe to say that Giuseppe Zanotti deliberately crafts shoes for Zipporah Aanael. They are sexy, dramatic and perfect for making a statement. I’m in love.

These heels are so sassy and so daring. They are definitely not for the faint of heart and perhaps that’s precisely why I love them. The gold snake detail adds so much drama to the already daring skin of the shoe. These shoes would give this dress even more of an edge and believe me this dress has edge in spades. To be honest I feel as though if I were to wear this ensemble to the Oscars I’d wind up on an episode of The Wendy Williams show and her panel of fashion experts, including Bevy Smith, would be tearing me apart for wearing such a provocative gown to such a regal event. But alas! I shall fall on the sword of the critics in order to place such an exquisite work of art upon my body.

At the end of the day one might say this dress would still be inappropriate for the Oscars but isn’t that the beauty of Versace? They design so well I’m finding excuses to wear them even when it may be completely unjustifiable! Hey, wearing this gorgeous, black frock may be one of the only ways something black gets representation at the Academy Awards. Ha! See what I did there? 😉


So where would you wear this gown? Would you wear it at all? What accessories would you pair with it? Be sure to leave your style expertise in the comment section below!

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