Zuhair Murad at Playhouse Square

Zuhair Murad makes clothing that could be sold in art galleries. In fact I had a very difficult time choosing which of his pieces I was going to feature in this article. The tie breaker was an upcoming event I will be attending at the State Theater this Saturday. I had to choose something I would wear and I wanted something elegant, sophisticated and of course sexy. That led me to this stunning piece of art. How regal! I love how this dress combines the formal nature of a long black gown while also ensuring that it isn’t too matronly by including strategically placed cutouts and a thigh high slit. In keeping with the classy theme I thought I’d pair it with this little gem.tashaGlitterEmbossedMetalClutch

This is the Tasha ‘Glitter’ embossed metal clutch that can be found at shop.nordstrom.com. The glitter dresses it up but it’s simple enough to ensure that the dress is the star of this ensemble. Now here’s the kicker. I found the best manicure to go with this look. Thanks to Hative.com on Pinterest.






Perfect right? It’s as if someone ripped this gown straight off of the runway and turned it into a polish. I’m still trying to decide whether I’d wear these beautiful Chanel stud earrings  or these skull earrings from Betsey Johnson.

chanelstudearrings                                          betseyjohnsonskullearrings

The Chanel earrings are classic, simple and a great match for this Zuhair Murad stunner but the Betsey Johnson earrings give a bit of drama which I’m all about. These earrings with that dress would be unexpected which I’m also all about. Ah choices, choices, choices. It’s a good problem to have. However, now comes the biggest choice of all. Shoes! And of course I’m deciding between two shoes from a designer who can do no wrong. Mr. Christian Louboutin himself.

louboutinthighboots                                                                louboutinOmbrepumps

These thigh high boots would make such a bold and sexy statement. They would also be a bit unexpected with this gown. I’m thinking I’d wear these if I chose the Chanel earrings and I’d wear these pre fall 2015 pumps if I chose the skull earrings.  Now these pumps are just gorgeous. I’ve dubbed them ombre pumps. They would add such a great pop of color that I think I just made up my mind. I’m going with the pumps and the skull earrings.  Just how can you get this beautiful, ready to wear piece? Visit ZuhairMurad.com and select boutiques. You will be able to enter your country, city or select online to find a boutique nearest you.

This look was inspired by the fact that I will be attending Shen Yun at the State Theater this Saturday. The State Theater, which I’ll be highlighting now, is one of several theaters that make up Playhouse Square which is one of the largest performance arts centers in America. It is second only to New York’s Lincoln Center. The state theater was opened in February and hosted such talent as Fred Astaire and Judy Garland just to name a few. I love Playhouse Square for a number of reasons. It is a gem in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. It’s excellence in putting out great shows every year is well documented. CPH was a recipient of the 2015 Regional Theater Tony Award. Such an honor can only be achieved by delivering stellar shows and performances. And to that end the CPH doesn’t disappoint. Playhouse Square is dedicated to enriching the community through educational programs for kids, teens and adults which is so important due to the decreasing of support for arts education in some local schools. But perhaps what I love most about Playhouse Square is that it truly is a Cinderella story. After being abandoned decades ago artists, activists and volunteers fought to save it. The renovation of its theaters is still the largest in the world. Playhouse Square is a not-for-profit organization that relies on donations in order to raise the five million plus it takes annually to keep it up and running. To go from that to CPH winning a Tony is a story that truly touches my heart. To find out how you can help CPH and Playhouse Square keep performance art alive and well, please visit www.clevelandplayhouse.com/support/donate and www.playhousesquare.org/giving-support respectively.

Tell us what you think. Do you prefer the pumps or the boots with this gown? Chanel or Betsey? Be sure to leave your comments below.


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