Happy Valentine’s Date!

Yes! It’s that time of year again. For those of us who’ve neglected our love lives for the sake of work, kids, relatives, school, and for any other excuse that isn’t good enough, it is now the time that we remember those who make our hearts skip a beat for all the right reasons. My friends, it is time to treat yourself to a hot date. Whether it’s your latest love interest, your longest flame, or if you’re headed out on the town to find your next Mr. Right/Mr. Right Now I’ve got an outfit sure to set hearts-a-flutter.

Feast your eyes on these sequined skinny jeans from Roberto Cavalli! Skinny jeans are a great way to show off the shape of your legs without showing any skin. And for those of us expecting snow this holiday that fact is much appreciated. The sequin detailing creates a line down the front of the legs, helping them look elongated. And what girl doesn’t love sparkle? Mr. Cavalli you are a genius! Now these beauties appear to be sold out everywhere so I figure a girl has three options. 1. Discover the art of the consignment shop and embrace the word vintage. 2. Create your own version with sequin tights. We all love a little DIY now and again right? 3. Visit Lyst and click the alert me button. Apparently they check several retailers and will alert you when these jeans are back in stock. Now let’s put the rest of our look together.




This cute little top can be found on www.etsy.com. The heart detail is perfect for the holiday season and would be a flirtatious yet coy way to celebrate.


Stay warm and cozy with this adorable off the shoulder sweater advertised by www.nastydress.com.


Now if you’re really looking to heat things up pair your skinnies with a deep plunge halter like I found at www.le3no.com.



Looking to go out? You’re going to need a jacket. Here are a few statement jackets I love.

This faux leather hooded jacket can be found here, if you’re looking for an edgier look.


For a sweeter approach try this fit and flare blazer I found at the Lookbook Store website. The straight lines give this garment structure while the ruffles create a feminine playfulness.


It’s a great way to get the look of this Nanette Lepore on a lean budget.



Now onto the foot candy! These jeans are pretty versatile so you could pair them with just about any shoe. Here are a few I love for inspiration.

Once again Giuseppe Zanotti makes my list with these black, studded, strappy heels.


Prefer booties? Something like these black 2010 Pradas would give him butterflies.


But if you want to keep it simple then go with something along the lines of these gold, t-strap sandals by Chinese Laundry. They can be found here.



Just take any of these pictures with you to your next nail appointment.

All the divas out there will enjoy this pink stiletto manicure. @dope_ass_lala can be followed on Instagram.


For the more active gals try this cute, short manicure I found from www.ink361.com.


And the artists reading will enjoy choosing from this list of creative Valentine’s Day inspired nail art.



Now I favor a minimalist approach with this look so I wasn’t going to even feature any bags. However, I decided I would go ahead and give some options for those who just can’t live without the arm candy.

This Betsey Johnson adds a pop of color and the kiss is obviously perfect for the season.


This Betsey Johnson with heart shaped cuffs also works. As a matter of fact head on over to www.betseyjohnson.com and you’re sure to find a myriad of bags to accompany this ensemble.


Now if you’re sticking with the minimalist approach then I like a wallet like this Kate Spade as featured here. It’s slim enough to stick in some pocket so your hands are free to do whatever your heart desires. I’m sure any date will appreciate that.



In keeping with Cavalli’s expertise there are many ways you can create this look yourself. Simply slip your favorite pantyhose underneath a pair of distressed denim skinny jeans. Here’s an example pinned from www.thehunt.com.


Since Valentine’s Day is upon us I’m going to tell you about Charity: Water. It’s a wonderful organization with the mission to bring safe drinking water to those in developing countries. Imagine having to travel miles to find the water needed for everyday basic hygiene let alone to drink. Now imagine after that long journey you find water that is polluted and unfit for human consumption. This is a reality faced my millions of people on a daily basis. The good news is that for just $30 you can help to make access to clean drinking water a reality for those in need. What better way to celebrate the holiday of love then by opening our own hearts (and wallets) to show love to more than just our significant other?  To learn more about Charity: Water check out their website www.charitywater.org. One look at the founder, Scott Harrison, and you’ll know why I featured this charity in a Valentine’s Day post.

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