Julien Macdonald Look # 11

Ever heard of Julien Macdonald? Well you have now. And it’s a good thing too because this skilled designer is on my radar for some of the best work of 2016. There are several looks from his Fall ready to wear collection that I will most likely be featuring and today I’m going with look # 11.

Julien Macdonald Fall 2016 Ready to Wear Look #11
Photo: MarcusTondo


Can you say hello sexy? Let me expound on why I’m in love.

  • I’m a mother of two under two. I thought that after having kids my days of exposing my midriff were over. Hence, I am elated to find that crop tops and high waist styles are in. Instead of showing the bottom portion of my stomach (hello C-section scar), I can show the top half and still pull off a crop top look. Thank you fashion gods!
  • I’m a fan of a deep plunge neckline. However, being a woman of the large chested variety it’s not always easy to achieve the look without feeling a bit, ahem, over exposed. Julien takes care of that issue by accompanying the plunge with a lovely and intricate netting. That ought to help keep the girls in place.
  • This look could easily take that trashy route which I’m not about, but the length of the skirt is key to ensuring that doesn’t happen. The midi, pencil skirt hits just about mid-calf, thus adding a touch of class to the obvious sex appeal. Yes, please and thank you Mr. Macdonald.
  • This look is so versatile that you could literally pair it with anything. Speaking of which let’s check out a few options shall we?


These black, strappy beauties are called Evening and they can be found HERE. They look as though they could have been made especially for this look.  At $875 they are an investment albeit a sexy one.


For a more muted look I’d love to step foot into these black, patent leather pumps called Paris by Saint Laurent. They can be found HERE for $595.00.


Or go for a splash of color with something like these red sandals by Casadei. I found them for $398 HERE. That’s 45% off!


Head to your nail artist and request one of these designs to go with your new look.


www.heynicenails.com did a great job of combining patterns and color with this nail art.


Or try out this negative space nail art idea as featured at www.hercampus.com.


So now you’ve got an inspired outfit idea to shop around for and even have the nails to match. This look says sexy and empowered female. Which brings me to my Cause of the Week.


The Malala Fund is an organization focused on ensuring that young women around the world have the opportunity to receive a safe and quality education. The co-founder, Malala Yousafzai, is an amazing woman, activist and Nobel Laureate since the age of 17. This week I will be featuring an amazing fact about Malala Yousafzai and/or The Malala Fund to help get the word out about this remarkable organization. To learn more about Malala and how you can support the Malala Fund please visit www.malala.org.


Fun Fact:

In 2014 Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize and used the 1.1 million dollar reward she received to help create a secondary school for girls in Pakistan.



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