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Hello lovers. I am ecstatic to announce that our first donation is complete! With your support, we were able to donate $50.00 to the Malala Fund! You may be thinking that’s nothing, but to the young women this donation will help support, it is priceless. According to, our donation will be matched by an anonymous donor. That means we helped to contribute $100 to the cause for girls’ education! We are still a small blog; as we grow our followers and engagement we will be able to donate more and more to worthy causes. Hey, a small beginning is still a beginning and I am so proud of the work we’ve done.

Here’s how it works. Blog posts and shopping pages contain affiliate links. When readers and shoppers click on those links and/or purchase through them, I will get a commission. I will announce a cause or organization, charitable or arts/culture based, that I would like to support. I will feature that cause in a blog post, highlighting what the organization is about and how we can help. I will then pick a month at random. 10% of the revenue generated by my blog in that particular month will be donated to said organization. Basically, I will dedicate 10% of my commission to the chosen worthy cause. Neat huh?

I am also thrilled to reveal the creation of our new page “Receipt$”. This page will be the place readers can go to see the receipts of our donations. This way our blog faithful can get confirmation that our donations are legit. Talk is cheap right? As my good friends (in my head) Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. would say, “Show me the money”! I am more than happy and also honored to bring my precious readers the proof that perusing our site, clicking on our affiliate links, and purchasing through those links is doing some good in the world.

Stay on the lookout for my next blog post in which I will share the next cause we will be featuring. As always, thank you for reading, shopping and giving back. Get the word out! Tell your friends about us on social media using our custom hashtags: #SexyCulturedCaring and #ReadShopGiveBack.

Is there a worthy cause that you love? Tell us about it in the comment section and it just might get featured next!



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