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Hello Lovers! Today I’m sharing with you my attempt at embracing the “minimalist” lifestyle, in the form of a product review. First, a little background.

You’re well aware that I’m the doting mother of two darling children ages two and ten months (I’ve only mentioned it a half dozen times lol). Well, with these precious additions comes a lot less free time…ok a lack of time altogether. This truth led me to explore the minimalist lifestyle, at least when it comes to my wardrobe. Lugging two kids around, strapping them in and out of car seats, and dealing with crocodile tears is tough enough without having to put together an attractive outfit!

Most days I’m tempted to leave the house in my husband’s baggy sweats. Hey, at least I’d be comfortable right? Wrong. I’ve realized that looking put together is something I must do for myself. Dressing the way I feel, which is damn good, helps me to remember who I am and express my identity. Realistically, however, I need to do that in a way that gets me dressed and out the door in five minutes or less, and in a way that imparts maximum comfort. Thus my minimalist wardrobe approach, on which I will now expound.

In my search for something sexy, simple and comfortable I came to the conclusion that dresses are the best option.

  • They are stand-alone items that don’t require additional pieces. Just throw them over your head and you’re done.
  • You can dress them up or down with any accessory.
  • Most dresses will flatter any shape when sized correctly.

Hence, the base of my minimalist summer wardrobe is a dress. The bodycon, mini dress in particular as it flatters my figure. I start there and then build in accessories such as jackets and blazers, scarves, etc.

That’s right lovers; I replaced my wardrobe with several dresses. I still have jeans and sweats for lounging or doing things that require more activity. However, if I’m out and about I’m more likely to be spotted in my minimalist wardrobe. It’s been a great decision on my part, as I must say getting dressed has been a breeze!

Now on to the fun stuff…

When curating my minimalist wardrobe, I opted for the high/low approach (mixing high price items with low priced items). I decided the dresses would be my low price point and I’d use the savings to splurge on what I love most; accessories. Hey, what’s the point of having expensive dresses when your toddler’s grubby, little messy hands will soon be christening them with some unknown substance?

My search led me to Amazon, where I found Tom’s ware.

Before I continue it’s important to note that while I am an Amazon Associate, I received NO COMPENSATION OF ANY KIND for this review. I paid full price for all items and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Tom’s Ware:

  • In total I purchased six dresses from this company. I used Amazon Prime and my shipment arrived in two days as promised.
  • 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex, these dresses fit like a glove. If you have ample assets you’ll be very pleased with how flattering these dresses are to your frame. Actually, they flatter nearly any body type and shape as they conform to the body and hug all the right places.
  • If you’re looking to cover any trouble spots you’ll need seamless shape wear. The keyword is seamless. All that figure hugging means that lines can be very easily spotted in these dresses. However, the floral prints seem to alleviate that issue.
  • Best of all these dresses are incredibly comfortable. They are soft yet durable. Durable is actually an understatement. I have slept, lounged, and even cleaned the house (I’m talking scrubbing the tub and all) in these dresses and they still retain their shape. After multiple goes in the wash on the incorrect temperature, they still come out in the same shape as I bought them! Cray! They have withstood little hands pulling on them, cheese crackers and baby spit up embedded in them and worse. Yet, not one of them has a stain to be seen.

Here’s an individual look at each dress.

Click the images to purchase/shop.


minimalist wardrobe mini dress tom's ware amazon
Tom’s Ware $17.99

This dress is so hot. I unzip it a bit for a little added sex appeal. I bought this dress in two colors; charcoal and pink. I love them both. In fact I wore the pink dress to the recent Yelawolf concert at the Agora theater here in Cleveland. I use this as my flirty casual look and usually pair it with a printed scarf and over the knee boots. When it’s cold outside I just slide tights underneath and it’s still just as sexy. I must warn that this dress has a tendency to ride up.

minimalist wardrobe mini dress tom's ware amazon
Tom’s Ware $15.99

I love this dress! The scoop neck and sleeves make it easy to dress up with heels and a statement necklace. I purchased this one in red. Even dressed down, it gets a lot of attention. I also paired this one with tights previously. My husband loved it so much he stated “You’re trying to go for baby number three in that dress”. TMI? Maybe, but that’s the kind of attention it gets. Fair warning: I even wore it with a hoodie and got cat called! This dress also has a tendency to ride up so be mindful of this when styling.


minimalist wardrobe mini dress tom's ware amazon
Tom’s Ware $17.99

I purchased this dress in a very light gray. It looks super sexy but it cleans up very well. In fact, I wore it to a church fish fry during Lent. Paired with black tights, a printed scarf and my Calvin Klein coat I looked simply elegant and I felt beautiful.

minimalist wardrobe mini dress tom's ware amazon
Tom’s Ware $24.99

This dress is lovely. The boat neck allows for the chance to show off your shoulders. My only issue with this one is the length. I’m 5’4″ and straddle between regular and petite. This dress hits me at the mid calf and thus ends up looking matronly on me. Some women can pull that off but I am not one of them. At my height I stick to full length or mini. The good news is that when I rolled up the hem it looked positively ravishing. So, I’ll just roll the hem until I have it altered. Problem solved. I got this dress in black.

minimalist wardrobe mini dress tom's ware amazon
Tom’S Ware $21.99

This dress is the absolute best of the bunch! The floral print hides imperfections. Though it looks fairly long, it hit me just above the knee. It’s so elegant and classy, yet it hugs your curves like it missed you all day. I received so many compliments from men and women in this dress; I will be buying this one in several more colors. Best of all it’s appropriate for work or play.

All of our bodies are different, so results will vary. I recommend measuring yourself and using the Amazon size guide. The dress size options are as such: small/xs and small/med, med/small and med/large, etc. If you’re in between sizes then be honest with whether you’re closer to the next size up or the next size down. Again, results will vary.

All in all, these dresses were money well spent. I will be buying from Tom’s Ware again. In fact, I have already added a few pieces to my wishlist.

Enjoy shopping!!!

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Tempted to embrace the minimalist wardrobe? Share your style ideas in the comment section! Know any worthy causes that feel more like play than work? Share your experience. I love hearing from you!









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