Manicures O.P.I. nail polish short white oval nails

At least maniCURES everything for me! This week brought another glorious day of relaxing and allowing someone to take care of me for a change. Yes, I got my nails done! I must say that after taking a year long hiatus, I have a new found appreciation for manicures. What an opportunity to go above and beyond mundane, daily self-maintenance. I’m amazed at how something as simple as a fill-in can make one feel just a tad more glamorous.

Today I have my updated manicure as well as a look back at my previous manicure.

Last Mani inspiration:


Medium length

Almond shaped

Airbrushed white french

manicures medium length almond french airbrush nails

I actually wanted crimson nails with gold studs at the base of the nail bed. This idea was quickly shut down by the nail tech who informed me that their nail art girl left! That’s what I get for waiting a year to pamper myself. I’m unsure how a nail salon can operate like this. As a paying customer, I expect to have every option available to me.  I need my manicures to be on point. Needless to say, I am on the hunt for a new nail salon. This should be fun.

manicures medium length almond french airbrush nails

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Current Mani inspiration:

Active length (short)

Oval shaped

White polish (O.P.I.)

manicures short oval white nails

A new nail salon and another limitation. Again I wanted gold studs at the base of the nail bed. I was told they only have rhinestones. Is it too much to ask to have more than one decorative option! This salon shaped my nails better than the last place. However, as a paying customer I still feel as though I should have a plethora of decorative options. I guess the salon search continues. I ditched the stud idea and just went with white polish.

manicures short oval white nails


manicures short oval white nails

All in all I am pleased with both manicures. I have learned to be flexible. On a side note, I have also noticed that I need to get a fill-in every two weeks rather than every three weeks, in order to prevent breaking my nails in painful fashion. All’s well that ends well.

Be on the lookout for my next manicure post! I was oh so tempted to try out coffin shaped nails last time. Check back to see if I do.

Share your manicures with me in the comment section! Know of any really great nail salons? Shout them out as well. And for your next manicure inspiration, visit my Pinterest board Manicured!









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