Poetry: The Checkup

poetry, spirit

How are you doing? How do you feel?

If you don’t know then you can’t heal.

Your emotions lost in a cloudy fog.

You’re not yourself so you feel rather odd.

This isn’t good for anyone.

Not you, not your kids, not your loved ones.

You walk around half empty inside.

A zombie in whom a living soul yet resides.

What else to do? Of no use to anyone.

You fill the void with meaningless “fun”.

Party after party, bright lights and photographs,

Fake friends, fake lovers, fake smiles and fake laughs.

Intoxicated with rich foods and strong wine.

Underneath is a tempest. On the surface just fine.

You know that it’s tragic yet you don’t pity yourself.

For you see the same conditions in everyone else.

Like attracts like? For you this rings true.

The same pain in their eyes whether brown, green or blue.

The same repressed hurts, the same feelings of guilt,

The same straw houses on sinking sand that they’ve built.

Each story so different yet eerily the same.

A condition not cured by money or fame,

Nor possessions, nor power, nor sweet talking beau.

The façade you’ve created a formidable foe.

Ostensibly trapped in your shiny disguise

Wishing that someone would see through your lies.

As you slip through the vortex seemingly unscathed

Your internal wounds the puddles in which you bathe.

I’ve been there my friends, not knowing myself.

Sacrificing my needs for everyone else.

And what did it get me? That new job or career?

Did it vanquish my insomnia or calm my fear?

Is my anxiety gone? Am I serene or at peace?

With a newly tranquil mind can I now rest at ease?

The answer to that lies within the Soul,

That Being you’re unconsciously yearning to know.

Meditate daily, listen and learn

For the peace that you seek is not given or earned.

It lies deep within if only you’ll hear

That still, small voice beckons “Come near.”

A wellspring of knowledge, joy and inner bliss.

A beauty so powerful it’d be a shame to miss.

Not from person, place or thing. Healing comes from inside.

Know yourself. Love yourself. Do a self-checkup. It’s time.


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