Poetry: Lover

poetry lover

How can I be the woman you want me to be? What am I to do?

Be more demonstrative? Well I’d love to.

If I show you my love will you leave me? Will I get hurt again?

Is this what I’ve been running from; instead of making you a lover, keeping you a friend?

A part of myself I’ve been hiding for years

Kept locked away by unresolved fears.

How could I have done it; neglecting you so?

I’ve decided this day that I’m not letting you go.

I’ve been hiding from myself and cheating my Soul out of love.

By hiding what’s within. This gift from above.

I’m embracing my womanhood in an effort to try

To utilize this affection I once chose to let die.

I’m dismayed by myself. Confused just a bit.

How in all my years could I not have seen it?

This secret self I’ve kept locked away

Is ready and willing and eager to play.

I’ll live for her each day and embrace her each night.

I’ll immerse myself in love and wrap myself up tight.

In hopes that this spark ignites a flame deep within.

The flame I was conditioned to believe was a sin.

No more child’s play. I am woman fully formed.

It’s no longer taboo as I’ve made it my norm.

Let God and Goddess unearth Love with serenity.

This divine guiding light once buried in me.

No longer a slave to the memories of the past.

The gates are now open. The possibilities are vast.

May the light of my love engulf me through and through,

Drenching me in her passion while bonding me to you.

Enrapturing me in bliss and sexual delight

By the light of each day and the dark of each night.


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