Poetry: Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine


This poem was inspired by the look pictured above.  This particular ensemble was inspired by Valentine’s day and has a dark twist. Surprises are always fun, right? As for the poem, the poetry gods out there can plainly see I’m in the throws of an Iambic Pentameter love affair. #Unapologetically

Bloody Valentine

She isn’t warm. She isn’t fuzzy.

She is cold.

She isn’t overt. She isn’t pushy.

She is bold.

She is relaxed. She is confident.

She is one of a kind.

Not like the others.

Bloody Valentine.

She is a loner. She’s an enigma.

Her heart seems so kind.

She’s depressive. She’s obsessive.

She’s darkness personified.

Pessimistic. Realistic.

No fanfare.

Plutonian. Saturnine.

You won’t find encouragement here.

Mysterious. Occultist.

Spiritually content.

Possessive. Repressive.

Her desired: hell-bent.

Magnetic. Hypnotic.

When she’s yours to keep.

She won’t let you down for her passions run deep.

She’ll give you her heart if you give her your mind.

Mildly psychotic.

Bloody Valentine.

Enter at your own risk. Love if you dare.

Suitors faint of heart needn’t bother come near.

She’ll give you her body at the cost of your soul.

Her power unescapable as the darkest black hole.

She’ll make you her meal and you probably won’t mind.

She’ll spit you out casually.

Bloody Valentine.


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