Creating A New Life: Goddess Guide

Is this you?

Yearning for new opportunities.

Desire to start a new life.

Your goal is to leave the details to God and just Do It!

Tips for Success: Follow Your Bliss!

new life

Visualize Often

  1. The life you want
  2. What you want to do with your time
  3. The heart chakra opening increasingly wider and generating the color green, pink or gold.


  1. Feel the emotion of unadulterated bliss and hold that feeling for at least five minutes or as long as possible.
  2. Hold an image of the 4 of wands and meditate on the feelings the card embodies.
  3. Utilize Rose Quartz to attract more things you love.

Take advantage of opportunities immediately!

  1. Brainstorm circumstances already occurring in your life that can help you reach your goal and pursue them


  1. I am worthy of having the life of my dreams
    1. Say it
    2. Write it
    3. Repeat it
  2. Upon waking and before going to sleep


  1. Daily: Write 2 things you did today to bring you closer to reaching your goal.
  2. Daily: Write down at least 1 way you’ve noticed the Universe working on your behalf to help align you with your goal and whether or not you accepted the help.
  3. Share your experiences with a SUPPORTIVE community.


Associated Tarot Reading:

Spread – Intuitive

Card 1. Subject

Card 2. Goal

Card 3-4. Guidance

Help Card – 4 of Wands

Creating a new life

Have a gorgeous day!



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