Defeat Your Enemies: Goddess Guide



Is this you?

  • Treated unfairly
  • Victim of corruption
  • Unfairly accused
  • Lied to or lied on
  • Not given proper credit for your work or achievements


Universal Message:

  • The shift has taken place and is continually at work.
  • Corruption and outdated systems are being brought to light, exposed and expelled.
  • We are receiving our Divine birthright, inheritance and assignment.


Personal Message:

  • The tides are turning in your favor.
  • Your enemies are already defeated. Sit back and watch.
  • Justice is prevailing.
  • You will be given the proper credit for the work you put out.


Your Objective: Maintain Gratitude!

defeat your enemies tarot

  • Meditate on the 10 of Pentacles and all the goodness it represents.
  • Thank God/Universe for your house, family, job, food, entire life.
  • Feel the Joy of having all that you’ve asked for.


Tools for Success:

  • Red Jasper or Garnet for healing fear and Citrine for positivity.
  • 1st chakra meditation
  • Visualize the chains around your dreams being broken in dramatic fashion. Smashed, obliterated, FUBAR



  • I am thankful that the Universe is supporting me in all of my endeavors.
  • I am thankful that I am wealthy in mind, body, spirit and material.
  • I am thankful that I am lit!



  • Journal: write down every time you notice something seemingly wrong in your life or the community/world being corrected.


Associated Card Reading:

Spread – Intuitive

Card 1-2. Circumstances surrounding subject.

Card 3. Goal

Help Card. 5 of swords (in the help position represents defeat of enemies)


defeat your enemies tarot


Have a gorgeous day!




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