Build Your Financial Success: Goddess Guide

Build your financial future with success

Is this you?

  • Building your nest egg
  • Attempting to gain financial stability
  • Trying to gain mastery of your finances

Goal: Champion! Approach your finances with courage, positivity, and fearlessness.



  • Govern your finances
  • Don’t leave the details to an accountant, spouse, assistant, etc.
  • Be the overseer and check ensure that all matters are in order and handled correctly.
  • Heal negative and/or defeatist attitudes regarding money.
  • Ask the Universe to work on your behalf.


  1. Mantra: I am confident, capable, and competent
  2. Gem: Carnelian for courage, positivity, and auspicious energy
  3. Pivoting: View your setbacks as opportunities to learn more about your relationship to money and use the information gleaned to move forward in an improved state.


  1. Journal: Document what you’ve learned from setbacks, how you’ve adjusted, and what beliefs they have exposed that may need changing.


Associated Tarot Reading

Spread: Intuitive

Card 1. Subject

Card 2. Goal

Card 3. Advice

Card 4. Help Card


Have a gorgeous day!



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