How To Follow Your Heart: Goddess Guide

Is this you?

  • Leader in your field
  • CEO
  • Head of household
  • Many responsibilities placed on you

If you desire to…

  • balance your duties with your personal life
  • have fun, romance, and/or express your creativity

It is imperative for you to do the following…

Goal: FOLLOW YOUR HEART not your ego!


  • over identifies with career, job, status and titles of all kinds
  • keeps one from living authentically if not aligned with who they really are
  • squelches creativity in favor of keeping up appearances


  1. Take inventory of your life and figure out what your heart really wants
  2. Dedicate yourself to that desire above all others
  3. Be willing to eliminate anything that hinders this desire and/or doesn’t serve you (make a plan ahead of time) including but not limited to…
    1. Dead weight family, friends or lovers
    2. Job or career you dislike or even hate
    3. Religion or ideology that narrows your mind and/or stifles your creativity or self-worth
  4. Explore your creativity and pursue your talents, hobbies and anything that brings you immense joy and/or pleasure.
  5. What would you do if money was no object? What would you do even if you weren’t getting paid and/or weren’t required to do? DO IT EVERYDAY!!! Even if just for 15-30 minutes.


For further explanation watch the Video Companion to this guide.


Have a gorgeous day!




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