Vlog Photo Collage: Broken Nails & Full Set Fails

My latest excursion found me on the way to the nail salon.



So I know this is a bleak photo to start this collage off with but just look at the state of my nails! Completely FUBAR is the only way to describe it. Something had to be done A.S.A.P.





I went to a local nail salon. I am still on a quest to find a top notch salon. Most spas don’t do acrylics which is a total bummer. Here’s a glance at the color selection.




I decided on this lovely lavender. I shot this photo with the Sony A6300 and the 16-50mm kit lens. It’s my favorite vlogging lens. It takes beautiful selfies, and at 16mm I don’t miss a 180 degree flip out screen as I know I’m in frame. The auto focus is great so I never worry.

That’s pretty nice macro.




Here I’m testing the depth of field. This lens is a f3.5 -f5.6 and this  photo was taken at 50mm f5.6




Just look at that bokeh!





There were imitation flowers in the waiting area so I decided to further test the macro.

Not bad!


how to preserve your energy



And these, my friends, are going down in the books as some of my first, original macro photography. And the audience cheers!




They offer a candy bowl. I didn’t stage a thing.




I had my previous set of acrylic nails removed. A removal with a new full set is $33.00.




The technician was kind enough to offer up a spare iphone charger when I announced my battery was going to die.




New set applied. At this point in the process I knew the shape wasn’t right but I had no time to correct this. They were supposed to be coffin shaped.




I wanted to switch to this beautiful pale blue but the nails were so misshapen this color would have highlighted them.




These are some figurines from the front desk. They miss a duster but I like them.




Jolly little fellas.




Nice display case. It also misses a duster. FYI the nail salon is not the place for anything beyond a point and shoot camera when work is being done. Nail dust is flying everywhere. Thank God I had my case.




Nice image quality.





The nails came out crooked but all’s well that ends well. My nails are done so I’m still smiling.





Here is a close up of the nails. Note the middle and index fingernails in particular.




But besides the entire internet who’s really going to be looking that closely at my nails? Check out my latest Glam Vlog (002 Broken Nails and Full Set Fails) on my YouTube channel. In it I explain the metaphysics behind why I get  my nails done.

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Until next time.






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