Creativity Eluding You? Learn How To Remove Creative Blocks: Goddess Guide

enhance your creativity

Creativity is something we all want in spades. It helps us in our careers and in our hobbies. What are we to do when our precious reserves of creativity run dry? Keep reading to find out.

Is this you?

  • Creativity blocked
  • Uninspired
  • Stuck in a rut

Make it your goal to…

  • Ask the Universe to boost your creativity
  • Trust and believe that your next great idea is on the way
  • Develop a sense of excitement and expectancy that the inspiration you asked of the Universe is already being supplied

Don’t know how to ask the Universe to enhance your creative juices? The following tips will help.

  • Visualization: Visualize yourself having flashes of great ideas.
  • Meditation: Meditate on the feeling of bliss and write down the images that come up. Perhaps one of them is your next great idea!
  • Gems: Sodalite can help remove writer’s block and increase inspiration. Red Tiger’s Eye can help to manifest ideas into reality. Carry these stones around for a while until you get the desired results.
  • Tarot: Perform a tarot reading to get your next big idea or topic.

Be aware that convenience is the greatest killer of creativity. When we have no obstacles we don’t have to use our creative faculties to overcome them. Your best friend during this time is going to be paring down. Struggle engenders creativity. Here are a few ways to pare down and spark your inspiration.

  • Take the bus rather than drive. Pay attention to the people on your journey and create ideas based off of what you observed.
  • Fast. It’s well known that fasting can improve your concentration and focus. When your body doesn’t have to work at processing food it begins to repair your DNA and bodily systems. This recovery, if you will, brings along with it a fresh, clear mind from which more creativity can flow.

Mantras you can utilize to assist you are…

  • My mind is a well spring of creative ideas.
  • I am continually inspired by the world around me every day.
  • This is my best idea yet and I’m so thankful.
  • I thank the Universe for this outpouring of creative energy.
  • I have so many great ideas I can hardly choose just one.

Repeat these mantras several times per day. Writing them down will have even greater impact.


Talk to someone of a different socioeconomic background than your own. What’s their story? What’s inspiring about it? Write the experience and the answers in your journal.

Keep the conversation going!

How do you remove creative blockages?

Leave your tips in the comment section.

Have a gorgeous day!



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