Social Media Mistake Advice: Facebook Fallout Recovery

Social media fallout recovery Facebook

Social media can be tricky to navigate. Oftentimes, the lines between personal and business accounts get blurred. When we meet someone new we can google them and have access to their every profile at the drop of a hat. Yet still quite a lot of us cannot resist the urge to express how we feel, particularly our dissatisfaction, on every social platform we can get our hands on. Social media provides an instant sounding board for all of our rants and frustrations. Add real social interaction with others into the mix and some of us have a recipe for catastrophe on our hands. Take my next reader for example. She asks…


After feeling a bit taken for granted by the guy I’m currently dating I decided to tell him how I felt about it on Facebook. I went off on him to which he responded that I was the one blasting him on social media. I instantly felt dread as I realized he was right and I was overreacting. Not to mention I totally aired our laundry all over Facebook. I have since apologized. We have spoken and gone out since the incident but I still feel bad. How can I rectify this situation once and for all?

My advice is this…

The fact that he’s still seeing you is a good sign. It means he can witness your crazy and still be accepting of you…for now. Men tend to get over things fairly quickly so I doubt he’s even still thinking of this issue. The problem lies in you forgiving yourself of your own guilt. Your best bet will be to

  • Apologize sincerely face to face. Let him know that while you’re over what bothered you, you still understand the gravity of what it means to have blasted it on social media (his family or employer could have seen it! No bueno.). Assure him that from here on out you will come to him directly with concerns rather than sound off on Facebook.
  • Forgive yourself and laugh at your mistake. If you don’t make it a tragedy then he won’t either.
  • Treat him. Make his favorite meal or buy his favorite snack. Men are visual creatures so wear a nice negligee or sexy dress when he doesn’t expect it.
  • Get over it. So you made a mistake? Don’t let it become an invitation for him to hang it over your head for any length of time. Once you’ve gotten your apology off of your chest and he accepts, the water should be under the bridge and left there.

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