Friends In High Places! Tarot Reading June 26, 2017

Friends In High Places Tarot

Friends in high places? I’ll take that. It’s nice to know there are folks who have your back. Not just any folks; folks with influence or the power to dramatically assist you in some way. That is the over arching theme for the week. Divine Assistance. Just look at this beautiful spread!

Friends in high places 7 of pentacles tarot
7 of Pentacles



The reading starts off pretty bleak. I pulled the 7 of Pentacles in reverse (R). This indicates the following:

Unwise loan or expense. A gamble gone wrong. Alarm. Impatience. Strong competition. Loss of promotion. Miscalculation. Poor luck. Neglect of a project.      -The Llewellyn Tarot Companion

Yikes! Have you gotten yourself into a financial bind? Did you have to walk away from a job or career? Perhaps there was an underestimation of the funds in your bank account. The good news is that help is on the way. Not just any help, but a powerful force that has a clear intent of helping you out.

Friends in high places tarot

When The Sun and The Chariot show up together we are talking divine and swift justice. Whether this is a person or persons in particular or the Divine influence of a Supreme Being, this is the cavalry. Someone or something has taken a keen interest in your well-being and is coming to show you ultimate support. Since these cards follow a pentacle card, these blessings can show up in ways such as these:

  • A promotion
  • Debt forgiveness
  • A loan personal or private
  • Gift
  • Investors, sponsors, or benefactors
  • Success in career
  • Success in love
  • Sound, bountiful finances

In the words of The Beatles,

Here Comes the Sun


Friends In High Places Sun Card Tarot

When The Sun card shows up in a tarot reading it points to

Success, play, bounty after trials, bright days, the birth of a child, summer romance, fame.     -The Llewellyn Tarot Companion

Let the good times roll! This week is going to be filled with good news regarding finances and plenty of fun. Sounds appetizing to me. There is a positive and warm influence surrounding you and bringing you joy, success and all the abundance that life has to offer. Hence the title friends in high places. Let’s remember that The Chariot also made an appearance today.  Whatever you’ve been working toward is coming into fruition.

Positive energy abounds this week so be ready to ride the wave. My advice is to take time to appreciate the good things happening in your life and show gratitude. This will help the positive energy to flow into your experience. Thank the friends and family in your life that are showing you great support.  Take on your tasks and work with confidence and a playful attitude. You will reap the rewards in spades.

This morning’s reading is now live on my YouTube channel. Watch it now and see the message of abundance unfold for yourself!

friends in high places tarot reading



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