Independence Day OOTD ft. Tre Sorelle Boutique

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Independence Day has a special place in the hearts of most Americans. I am no exception. Therefore, I celebrate my independence in several ways. As you may have already guessed, my wardrobe is one of them. I put together this look to serve as inspiration for your next Fourth of July party. Sure, this post is being published a few days later, and that’s just the reason you should follow me on Instagram where this complete ensemble was featured a day ahead of time. 😉 The good thing is this patriotic look will serve you well for Memorial day as well. Let’s get right into the collage featuring this gorgeous dress pictured below. The dress, Spexx, bangle and hoops are all from Tre Sorelle Boutique.


Independence Day OOTD


This bright, red frock peaked my interest not only for it’s standout color, but also for the sexy cutouts.


Independence Day OOTD



I spied this dress on my first visit to the boutique and fell in lust immediately. I originally shied away from this feisty piece as it’s sure to get you noticed, but then I remembered who I am. I’m someone who is meant to be noticeable. And so are you! So do like I did; take a vaca from your comfort zone and wear that daring look that makes your heart flutter. You might be glad you did. I certainly am! I’m not trying to “toot my own horn” but this dress made me look like a knockout! For this reason alone I had to feature this gem.



Independence Day OOTD


You may recognize these shades from my most recent Casual Blossom OOTD. That’s because I absolutely adore them! I love the crisp, white color and I think they are perfect for the Spring/Summer season. These sunnies are made by Spexx, but the boutique features gently used items as well.



Independence Day OOTD


No doubt I’m “feeling myself” in this Independence Day look and it’s no wonder why. When a dress makes your posterior look this fantastic you can’t help but feel good. I don’t mean to leave you with my rear end but in this case it couldn’t be more appropriate. 😉

Watch me model the complete look on my YouTube channel!

Independence Day OOTD






What did you wear for your summer holiday festivities?

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