Balmain Blazer Dupe & Mini Haul Victory!

Pretty Little Thing Balmain Blazer Dupe

Balmain On The Brain

This weekend was a major win on my part. An item I have been coveting for an eternity has finally become available to me. I have been looking for a dupe to this gorgeous, double-breasted blazer by Balmain for over a year, last spring in particular, March 20, 2016 to be exact.

sexy Balmain double breasted blazer white
Balmain $2,230.00

My heart melted when I saw this blazer’s quality (made of basket weave cotton) and beauty. I craved the white version in ways you wouldn’t believe. The attraction was visceral and I had to make it a part of my wardrobe. But at upwards of 2 racks I knew this gem would be something I’d have to find in consignment. I have two girls to put through private school you know! Thus, I purposed in my heart to find the perfect dupe and I think I finally have. Not only am I going to share with you why the original is a stellar investment piece, but I’ll also share where I found the dupe, what else I found along the way, and why I chose the replica I ultimately purchased. Grab the popcorn.

Balmain As An Investment

Sound cray? Think again. While this piece is pricey upfront, the long game value is tremendous. Here’s why:

  • As I stated in my “Blaze N’ Hot” article it’s a classic. Olivier Rousteing uplifted the double-breasted blazer to orgasmic heights but of course he didn’t invent it. It is a timeless silhouette that can easily be made a cornerstone item in any wardrobe male or female. Because it can never go out of style it can be worn all year round ensuring maximum wear for your pretty pennies. A quality piece like this is expensive for two primary reasons; it is made with quality materials and it is made very well. This quality ensures it will be in your closet for many years to come. Treat it with proper care and it will pay for itself.
  • Resale value! Remember how I mentioned consignment? A luxury item like this will still go for hundreds of dollars even in used condition. When you invest in luxury it pays dividends in profits later. A quality garment will fetch a pretty penny should you decide to sell it in the future.
  • Neutrality. Purchasing neutral colors like white is a great way to ensure you can mix and match items and get more wear from your wardrobe.
  • Blazers can be dressed up for business or pared down for leisure. This flexibility adds to their value by allowing you to incorporate them into more looks.

Shopping Destinations Of Choice

Becoming a ShopStyle affiliate has introduced me to retailers I’ve never even heard of. In fact this affiliation is in part how I’m able to provide my readers with the option to purchase luxury and affordable goods from this site. I also provide my readers with the peace of mind that I shop from the very same trusted retailers I disscuss. No affiliate links appear in this post, however, so if you’d like to purchase any of the items you see here visit the ‘Style Guides’ page.


MISSGUIDED is becoming a quick favorite. Their selection of casual and party dresses is to die for and since I plan to pair this Balmain dupe with bodycon dresses and minis, a la 90s glam, I decided to head there first. There were so many great options that I’ll be back again and again. I didn’t spot this version until after my purchase (and it’s a good thing because it doesn’t beat the sale price I found) but what a great option at an affordable price! If you like it then buy it. Moving on.

Missguided Balmain blazer dupe
Missguided $76.00

Boohoo and Missguided are both Asos brands. Both are becoming my top shopping destinations because they offer high end style at affordable prices. Their sales are also amazing and they have multiple sales a week so you get incredibly low prices on a regular basis. I’ve found beautiful dresses there for as low as $7.00 on sale! Naturally it was one of my first choices. I found this lovely blazer and I put it on my wishlist as a possibility. But it is not the gold-buttoned style I was looking for. I’m quite particular when I have a vision in mind. On to the next one.

boohoo balmain blazer dupe
Boohoo $38.00



I have no affiliation with PLT. I found out about this online boutique from Instagram. Yet another web retailer with tons of styles at reasonable price points.  All of these retailers had such cute clothing and it was Pretty Little Thing that had just what I was looking for. This is the dupe of my dreams! A white, double-breasted work of art for only $31.50 at sale price. That’s 49% off!

Pretty Little Thing Balmain Blazer Dupe
Pretty Little Thing $31.50 on sale


To The Victor Go The Spoils

I ultimately chose the PLT blazer for several reasons, the main points being

  • This was no impulse buy my friends. I waited patiently for over a year for just the right dupe to appear, taking swift action once my desire manifested. The Law Of Attraction (LOA) and Jupiter in Taurus were at their finest. The Bull loves beauty and is patient enough to wait for what he desires.
  • It is a nearly identical rendition of the Balmain version. I know. It’s no basket weave masterpiece but it is sexy as all hell, it has the gold button detail, and it’s just the versatile jewel to fulfill my wardrobe requirements and my budget. In other words, it’s exactly what I’ve been imagining for the last year and a half. I’m so glad I didn’t settle for just any white blazer that came along for my dreams are now fulfilled…mostly. I’ve got a few more pieces I’m going to acquire before this whole 90’s supermodel look I’m concocting is complete.
  • Sale baby! The “Pari White Double Breasted Military Style Blazer”, as it’s called on the website, comes in 4 colors including black, blush and grey but it was the white version that was on sale. 49% off made it just the price point I was willing to spend on an unplanned purchase. The total cost with the lowest shipping came to $36.50. Serendipitous, no?

To Be Continued

In conclusion, I am very excited to add this Balmain blazer dupe to the wardrobe I’m currently curating. Of course that means a full review will surely follow. I’m eager to get this article of clothing in my hands and feel the fabric and exactly how it wears. As soon as it’s delivered I’ll be filming a haul video and sharing it with you via YouTube so be sure to subscribe to my channel. If all goes well you’ll be seeing a lot of me in this jacket via blog and social media in the days to come. Don’t miss out on the fun; I have recreated the look in the featured image and it’s available now for your shopping pleasure on the ‘Style Guides’ page. All of the items included are at affordable prices under $100. Enjoy!



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