Grace Under Pressure: Aries September 2017 Style Guide

Grace Aries September 2017

September At A Glance

Grace should be your middle name. At least you’re going to want to pretend it is in the month of September because you’ll be doling out a lot of it. According to my tarot reading, you may be dealing with some insecurities leading to feelings of anxiety and frustration. There may be people in your life that demand patience on your part such as an ex, frienemy or difficult loved one. These frustrations are in alignment with a new growth cycle for you. It is a cycle where you are learning to face challenges without resorting to that infamous Aries temper of yours. In other words you’re maturing. Growth is tough but you can ace this life lesson as is indicated by the appearance of the Temperance card. This style guide is designed to help you relax during this challenging time and to connect with your creativity.

Grace Aries September 2017 (read 8/11/17)
Aries September 2017 Tarot Card Reading

Graceful Breathing

When the Page of Wands shows up reversed in a tarot reading it can indicate instability, immaturity, lack of communication and sometimes gossip. That’s sure to increase stress levels. This month I want you to combat that stress with relaxation in the form of meditation and/or breathing. Just 5 minutes can help! Here are my tips for a successful meditation session.

1. Get comfortable.

Discomfort is distracting. You’ll want all of your faculties focused on, well nothing. That’s the point of meditation. So get as comfortable as you can. I recommend a comfy chair and a really good robe.

This Ugg ‘Blanche’ robe is made of a soft stretch-cotton blend and is even lined with plush fleece. It was made with indulgence in mind and can be found for $98.00 at Nordstrom.

grace aries september 2017 robe
Ugg $98.00


Another more affordable option is this quilted collar robe by Lauren Ralph Lauren. This short, cotton robe is ideal for relaxing and has a collar and cuffs lined with soft quilting. It’s sure to induce a relaxed state. It’s only $69.00 at Nordstrom!

grace aries september 2017 robe
Lauren Ralph Lauren $69.00


I saved the best for last. I would choose this robe over the other two for one snob of a reason; Oscar De La Renta! I can’t resist luxury at an affordable price. This silky robe may be designer but the price is it’s saving grace. Where can you snag a name like Oscar De La Renta for just $76.00? Why Nordstrom of course. Prepare to relax in style during your September growth spurt, Aries.

grace aries september 2017 robe
Oscar De La Renta $76.00


But let’s be real. You’ll be ready for a nice, long nap after getting this comfortable. No worries; sleep is a necessary restorative process and will aid you in your quest for calm. Just keep this little guy on hand next to your meditation chair. Made of pure silk, it is the picture of grace. Once your five minutes are up you can pop it on and drift off in your newly relaxed state.

grace aries september 2017 mask

2. Find your style.

As with most things if it’s too difficult or if you don’t enjoy it you will never do it again. There are many forms of meditation and it’s important that you find the right one for you. The three forms of meditation I use most often are

  • Transcendental: In this style you sit comfortably in a chair with your eyes closed. You attempt to clear your mind of all thoughts but if any should arise you just note them and let them pass without engaging them. This one is great for beginners as there is no guilt if you can’t completely lose all thoughts. Just let them come and go as they will, and maintain your peaceful state of being.
  • Breathing: In this style you simply breathe in for about 5-10 counts and breathe out for 5-10 counts. You focus purely on the sound of your breathing in and out. This aids in limiting passing thoughts and also allows you to really get in touch with your physical body.
  • Hold an image or feeling: In this version you will imagine an image or focus on a feeling. The image used depends on the feeling you intend to create. For instance if you want to invoke peace you could imagine a bright ball of white light or Mother Theresa. You will need to pretend that you feel the desired state and hold this feeling for as long as possible. This style can be a bit more challenging because some of us have a harder time visualizing and making believe than others.

Visions Of Grace

grace aries september 2017 tarot
Six of Swords Reversed


I drew the 6 of Swords in reverse as your second card, Aries. This card can signal an unpleasant atmosphere, frustration and even harassment. Remember that possible frienemy and difficult family member I mentioned earlier? There’s your clue. Situations may arise that get your goat in September and this reading suggests you need to be the one to offer grace by taking the high road. But Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, god of war, so you may need a bit of practice in that department. I suggest visualization. Visualizing how you react in a given moment can condition your mind to behave that way naturally, according to metaphysics. Some things you may want to visualize in order to attract grace under pressure are the following:

1. Forgiving your enemy.

You should do well with this one, Aries, as your impulsive nature can ┬ámake you quick to anger but also quick to forget. Forgiveness isn’t just for the recipient however. In the world of metaphysics we forgive others to also heal ourselves. You can’t very well relax when you’re enraged at someone or holding onto a grudge. Imagine yourself forgiving someone who has wronged you. Envision you and this person having a heart to heart and coming to an understanding. Hopefully, by training your mind to do this it will make the physical act easier.

2. Competently completing a task.

Anxiety, worry and stress often stem from feelings of inadequacy and/or lack of experience. The Page of Wands in reverse indicate inexperience could be a factor for you in September. When this is followed by the Six of Swords in reverse you’ve got a recipe for a state of mind that is ill at ease.

grace aries september 2017 tarot
Page of Wands and Six of Swords Reversed


To combat this create images in your head of you successfully completing something that you really want to accomplish. According to Edgar Cayce and others in the metaphysical community, one can improve upon a skill by practicing it mentally just as much as if they’d practiced physically if not more. It’s worth a try right? So imagine yourself kicking ass at work or finally reaching that fitness goal in September and who knows what you’ll have accomplished by October.

3. Taking the high road.

Sometimes people piss us off. Other times our own insecurities make us lash out. And still at other times people are just plain stupid…to us. In any case you will need to see yourself taking the high road. Think of times people frustrated you to the max and then envision yourself acting in a mature fashion, letting it go, or simply walking away. You will have an increased ability to do this in September thanks to the energy of the Temperance card.

Picture Of Grace

grace aries september 2017 tarot
14 Temperance


Temperance has many traditional meanings but the descriptions that pertain to this reading in particular are

Adaptation. Managing a volatile situation in a calm, thoughtful way. Grace under pressure. Balance, reflection and patience. A confident and outspoken survivor. Creating a nurturing, appropriate environment. Self-control. Finding inner peace.

-The Llewellyn Tarot Companion

This beautiful card points to a time in your life where you are able to rise above the irritating circumstances that may surround you. Take advantage of this energy by envisioning yourself being cool as a cucumber in the face of your adversities. All of this make believe will engage your creativity and hopefully boost your confidence as a consequence. Need help pretending to be cool as the other side of the pillow? Make it more realistic by practicing your visualization techniques seaside or by the pool.

grace aries september 2017 tarot
Topshop $58.00


No stress or worries laid back in this cute, one-piece by Topshop. This has woo-sah written all over it. Now, block the shade of the haters with some shades of your own.

grace aries september 2017 glasses
Ray-Ban $175.00


These mirrored-lens, over-sized aviators by Ray-Ban should help keep the sun out of your eyes so you can visualize properly…and fashionably.

Pressure & Revenge

This guide is to serve as a tool to attract more confidence and peace to you in September and to give you creative ways to handle your frustrations. No one is perfect though so I’ve got a plan B. In the event you just can’t turn the other cheek, remember the best revenge is success. Nothing screams success better than looking damn good. If you decide to let your foes have it, tell them off wearing this.

grace aries september 2017 dress
Boohoo $40.00


This ‘Rita strappy detail midi dress’ from Boohoo will show off your revenge body. Talk about a confidence boost. I have this dress added to my online wishlist. It has confidence written all over it. Red is a power color and the tasteful length says this isn’t the time for fun and games. It is hot and sophisticated which is the epitome of grace under pressure in my opinion. Sure we all want to take the high road, but we’re all human at the end of the day, right? Here are a few mantras to repeat to yourself before you reach the boiling point.

  • “I am above this”.
  • “Success is the best revenge”.
  • “Happiness is the best revenge”.


Aries, your September tarotscope (Yes, I invented that term. You’re welcome.) is a message that all’s well that ends well. You may have to deal with BS from time to time but you are developing the maturity to deal with it in a graceful fashion. I’m proud of you already. Practice this guide now, heading into, and especially during the month of September. Keep a journal to document

  • every time you take the high road in a disagreement.
  • every time you successfully complete a task.
  • all the things that help you relax.

This will make the results more real to you and it will help you remember just how much you’ve grown and matured over the years. Enjoy the month of September, Aries! Be sure to check the tarot readings and guides for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign as one may resonate with you more than the others. If you’d like to purchase any of the looks featured here visit the ‘Style Guides’ page. Otherwise, see you in October!



Watch the full September tarot reading for Aries now on my YouTube channel.

grace aries september 2017 tarot


Spill your tea. Have you recently had a situation where you decided to take the high road? Share your experience with us in the comment section!

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