Celebrate: Libra September Style Guide 2017

Celebrate libra september 2017 tarot style guide

Reading At A Glance: Celebrate

Celebrate Libra! Your birthday season begins this month. A celebration may seem like a no-brainer, but some of you aren’t feeling very celebratory. Some Libras will be coming out of a mentally and emotionally exhausting month of August. If August brings gossip, secrets and drama then let this reading be a beacon of hope. It gets much better next month. Your goal in September is to take advantage of the high energy of the solstice and your birthday and use it to improve your point of attraction. In this guide I’ll discuss how to release negativity and drama, tips to improve your point of attraction, and of course a few fashion forward looks worthy of a grand celebration.

Just Let It Go

Your August tarot reading foretold of bouts of stress caused by gossip, drama or a juicy secret. Some Libras were privy to salacious information that left them wondering if they should get involved. Others were the target of rumors and bullying. Either situation was a recipe for copious amounts of mental and emotional exhaustion. The presence of the Four of Swords in reverse indicates these issues haven’t fully resolved themselves by September. This means you’ll need to consciously create your own happiness in order to have any relief.

celebrate libra september 2017 four of swords
Four of Swords Reversed

In the reversed position the Four of Swords can indicate

  • exile and depression.
  • abandonment.
  • exhaustion due to battling overwhelming odds for quite some time.
  • fruitless struggle.

Your August reading confirms that the negativity you may be entertaining is pointless as you can’t control who may gossip about you. You also won’t come out looking like the hero if you reveal a secret you think someone ought to know. The Four of Swords in reverse is a warning not to allow yourself to get sucked into the drama and to release frustrating energy. My go-to release is energy clearing, but most folks don’t consciously work with their own or others’ energy. The best bet is meditation. It’s something we should all do, but you need it in particular during the month of September. You’re not alone though. Read my “Aries September Style Guide 2017” for my top meditation techniques.

Celebrate Good Times

Have no fear; the cavalry is here! The Ace of Cups makes an appearance for you in September. There are so many wonderful things this card represents and one, some, or all of them could be in store for you. According to “The Llewellyn Tarot Companion” this bountiful card represents

Joy, well-being, nourishment and beauty. Fertility, creation, and devotion. Divine inspiration and protection. The beginning of a blessed, fruitful phase in life. The card of true love. A force of good. Consummated union. The well of love, art, devotion and compassion.


celebrate libra sepember tarot reading ace of cups
Ace of Cups

Just imagine all the loving, emotionally fulfilling things you can think of. That is what this card represents. It can be an artistic phase, a new relationship, fertility (meaning some of you could conceive or give birth), and just pure joy. So clearly things get better. Warm, positive energy will be present for you. But it’s up to you to take advantage of it Libra. If you dwell in the negativity that August bespoke then it will be very difficult for you to align with this improved energetic state. Not to worry, Libra. These law of attraction based tips will help you get into the spirit.

LOA Guide

  1. Give thanks! There is no better way to improve your point of attraction than offering thanksgiving. When you put thankful vibes into the Universe you will attract more things to be thankful for also known as positivity.
  2. Listen to your favorite music frequently. Music has healing properties. Use it to change your energetic state. Whatever music puts you in the mood to party should be on your playlist stat.
  3. Read inspiring stories. It could be rags to riches, weight-loss before an after stories, or how a kid overcame bullies to succeed. These stories will serve as a reminder that there are hills beyond every valley, even for you. They will also remind you that you alone have the power to change your reality.
  4. Date! Whether you’re in a relationship or not, please make time for romance. It’s one of the best ways to take advantage of the Ace of Cups energy. No prospects? Treat a friend to dinner or do a solo date (no it’s not lame). Try to plan at least one special date in the month of September.

Date Night Looks

Here are a few tarot inspired looks to get you in the mood. This sexy, red number should up the romance quotient in your love life.

celebrate libra september 2017 tarot reading bodycon dress
Boohoo $30.00

You may recall me raving about Boohoo in my “Balmain” article. That’s because I search dozens of retailers, both luxury and affordable, to create my guides and this online boutique consistently has the hottest styles at some of the best prices. I talk about Boohoo and Missguided a lot so get used to it. 🙂

celebrate libra september 2017 style tarot reading bodycon dress missguided
Missguided $49.20 sale price

Speaking of Missguided, I am all over this studded, bodycon, bandage dress. This flattering silhouette says I deserve a good time. And while I love Missguided, this piece is on sale at Nordstrom!

celebrate libra september 2017 bodycon dress tarot reading
Herve Leger $350.00

If you’re in the position to spend a few more dollars then this Herve Leger may strike your fancy. The geometric lines will help create the illusion of an hourglass figure if you don’t already have one. And if you do? What a knockout you’ll be in this little slice of luxury.

Celebrate With Friends

Celebrate your upcoming birthday with friends. It’s easy to become anti-social when dealing with stress but this reading indicates you need to be social in September.

celebrate page of wands tarot reading libra september 2017
Page of Wands

The Page of Wands can mean a few things including

  • the arrival of a positive phase.
  • good news from a cheerful friend or ally.
  • stimulation.
  • broadening horizons
  • play and excitement
  • socializing.

What better excuse to be social than the celebration of your birthday? Throw yourself a bash or invite your best friends out for a good time in honor of the big day. But don’t be caught in your birthday suit. Here are a couple of looks to celebrate the big day.

Birthday Bash Looks

Close out the summer in this fun, floral, ‘summer party dress’ by Wow Couture. It’s perfect for celebratory festivities and is currently 50% off!

celebrate libra september 2017 tarot reading style guide party dress
Wow Couture $55.00 sale price

At $252.00 the ‘Stella Party Dress’ by Nicole Miller will cost you a pretty penny, but it’s your birthday. Treat yo’self! The ruffled trim, spaghetti straps, fluttered sleeves and tiered design at the hem are giving me a ready-to-wear version of Atelier Versace Fall 2015 Couture. I’ll take that!

celebrate libra september 2017 tarot reading style guide party dress
Nicole Miller $252.00



celebrate libra september 2017 tarot reading style guide atelier versace fall 2015 couture
Atelier Versace Fall 2015 Couture


I saved the best for last! I have been obsessed with this ‘Solaris Style Lace Romper’ from Shoptiques for quite some time. The lace and fringe detail are festive enough for a birthday bash and because it’s not a dress you can drop it low on the dance floor without a worry of flashing your company. Nice! At only $68.00 it is the perfect balance of hot and affordable. #Love

celebrate libra september 2017 tarot reading style guide lace romper
www.shoptiques.com $68.00

Bye Hater!!!

September is heralding a new start for you, Libra.

celebrate libra september 2017 tarot reading style guide
Ace of Cups and Page of Wands

The Ace of Cups and Page of Wands indicate new beginnings of joy and romance, and socializing respectively. Their combined presence is a very potent message of fun, joy and excitement. This means you can leave behind the mental anguish represented by the Four of Swords and usher in a cycle of positivity. This is evident in the cosmos as the autumn solstice approaches and the sun enters your sign. But all of this energy is wasted if you don’t make the conscious effort to change your environment and tell the haters ‘bye, Felicia’. Drama in our personal relationships and unkind deeds from others can make us feel isolated and cause us to withdraw. It’s in these times that we need to invoke the feelings of joy and celebration the most. This lesson is emphasized for you in September, Libra, so don’t blow it. Have a damn good time and enjoy yourself. Celebrate; how much better can a reading get?!


It’s never too early to start the cycle of positivity. That’s why I try to get my tarot readings out at least a couple of weeks ahead of time. These activities can help align you with the energy presenting itself to you in September.

  • Journal one thing you’re thankful for daily.
  • Plan one celebratory event or outing for the month of September. If your birthday falls in October then plan 2! 😛

Enjoy September Libra and happy birthday! Be sure to read or watch the tarot readings for your Sun, Moon and Ascending sign as you may resonate with one more than the other (and also for the great shopping). If you’d like to purchase any of the looks featured here visit the ‘Style Guides’ page. Until October, Libra.



Watch the full August and September Libra tarot readings right now on my YouTube channel.

celebrate libra september 2017 tarot reading
Watch Now!

Join in on the positive vibes! Tell me what you’re most thankful for in the comments below.

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