Balance: Scorpio September Tarot Reading 2017

balance Scorpio tarot reading september 2017

September At A Glance

Make a call to all of your Capricorn friends because you may need their advice. According to your September 2017 tarot reading, finding an appropriate balance between work and home may be an issue for you next month. Some of you may feel obsessed with your job a bit more than usual. This isn’t just your average bout of ambition. You may be in a downright competition with others in your place of employment or field. Unfortunately, too much work and not enough play makes Scorpio a dull star in September. And it’s your loved ones who will feel it the most. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this article I’ll give you some Law Of Attraction (LOA) tips to help you find a better work/life balance next month.

balance scorpio september 2017 tarot reading
Scorpio Tarot Reading September 2017

Balance Your Relationships

The reading begins with the Five of Cups in the reversed position. Yikes! This card isn’t the most encouraging in the upright position, let alone reversed. The good news is that it’s a minor arcana card and therefore is much easier of an energy to shift. According to “The Llewellyn Tarot Companion”, the Five of Cups in the reversed position can signal

  • bitterness.
  • an unhappy marriage.
  • unfulfilled expectations.
  • regret.
  • poor choice of alliance.
  • a need to guard against self-delusion.
  • reunion with an old lover.

If you think reuniting with an old lover may sound appealing, don’t forget about your need to guard against self-delusion and all of the preceding bullets. The cards that follow also confirm it wouldn’t be a pleasant reunion.

balance Five of Cups reversed scorpio tarot reading september 2017
Five of Cups reversed

There is a large potential for you to have conflict with your loved ones next month. Your August reading foretold of support and love in your relationships. It all has the potential to go awry in September, if you don’t tend to your one-to-one relationships and maintain balance in your personal life. So exactly what is it that could cause you to pay so little attention to the home front? Let’s move further into the reading.

Balance Your Profession

The Queen of Swords in the reversed position points to fierce competition. This indicates someone who is willing to win at all costs regardless of the consequences. This court card represents you or someone you know is being ruthless in battle. Here are some classic interpretations of the Queen of Swords in this position.

Overweening ambition. Greed and lust for power. Dangerous, even violent woman. Fanatical zeal. Abuse. Jealousy.        -The Llewellyn Tarot Companion

balance queen of swords scorpio tarot reading september 2017
Queen of Swords reversed

The loving forces found in the August reading are going to turn sour in September if you’re not careful. The association with ambition in this card could point to the workplace. For some of you, there is a pending competition at your job. Perhaps you and another employee (particularly a female) are up for the same promotion and it triggers your infamous jealous streak. For others this can mean someone who once supported you is now gunning for your position. The August reading indicated that there would be possible resources given to assist you, but in September that very situation could turn south. All of this competition can bring out the nasty side of Scorpio and we all know that can be really ugly. This card is a warning to temper your competitive edge before you become someone those closest to you don’t want to deal with. So what can we do to combat this?

Balance Your Attitude

balance scorpio tarot reading september 2017 King of wands reversed
King of Wands reversed

In the reversed position the King of Wands is someone who cannot see achievement beyond material success and is only concerned with themselves. In this particular reading it means that your hyper competitive nature is causing you to neglect and or be cruel to those around you. Sometimes we can become so focused on a goal that the presence of others is an annoyance. This can cause us to lash out at them in order to maintain focus on our desired outcome. Behavior like that can really strain our relationships. This reading is a message to go after what you want, but not at the expense of those who care about you. It’s also a warning that the ends don’t always justify the means. Let’s say you crush your competition and get your desired result. Who will you have to celebrate with if you’ve burned all the people you love the most? Luckily I have a guide to help you kick ass on the professional front while maintaining balance with those dearest to you.

Balance Your Time

balance scorpio tarot reading september 2017

It doesn’t have to be all bad. The good news is that you have the power to determine how this energy will manifest in your life. Reversed cards serve as warnings and can often times be turned into beneficial catalysts for change. Your goal for the month of September is to balance your time between friends, family, and your profession. Here’s how!

Law Of Attraction Guide

  • Take Five.
In one of my favorite classic movies, “White Christmas”, Phil (Danny Kaye) encourages Bob (Bing Crosby) to settle down and have 9 children. He says if Bob spends five minutes a day with each child it will amount to 45 minutes that Phil could have all to himself. It was funny but quite ingenious. We can’t spend every waking moment with those we love, but we can take 5 minutes to listen to how things are going in their lives. In September dedicate at least five minutes to each member of your immediate family. It needs to be a genuine conversation so face to face is preferred but technology is fine if that isn’t possible. With so much of your attention focused on your professional life, your family may appreciate the attention. And if not, you can at least rest easy knowing you’re making the effort.
  • Have a vision.
Create a vision board and fill it with the most important things you want to attract professionally. Spend time working on or looking at it each day or once a week. Make a pact with yourself that you will focus only on those things and nothing else concerning work. This way non-essential issues that are bound to pop up at work won’t distract you from your highest priorities or loved ones.
  • Imagine the possibilities.
When we become ruthless at work it can be an indication that we don’t believe we can succeed unless we act in a cut-throat fashion. This is a confidence issue. You need to remind yourself how great you are at what you do. If you can’t do it consciously then train your unconscious mind to do it for you. Spend time each day visualizing yourself in the position you desire and really try to feel like you’ve already achieved it. Practice completing the essential tasks necessary to gain your role not only in reality but also mentally. Knowing you’re prepared will make you feel more confident that you can successfully perform the job you’re going for.
  • Dress for success.
What you wear has a significant impact on how you feel. Studies show that we perform better when we feel we look better. The phrase ‘dress for success’ is around for a reason. Dress like a boss and you’ll feel like a boss. Feel like a boss and you’ll act like a boss. Act like a boss and you’re well on your way to showing your employer that you have what it takes to fulfill the role you desire.  But let’s not leave it up to chance. I’ve put together some looks to help you slay the work place like the stunner you are. Visit the ‘Style Guides’ page to shop the collection of work wear looks I’ve curated just for you!


Energies are aligned in September that have you more involved with work than usual. Don’t allow it to consume your life. Ambition is great and even healthy, but without the proper balance we can allow it to consume our lives and affect our relationships. Use this energy to enhance your skills and beat out your opponent. Just remember that you don’t have to overcompensate. Have confidence in your abilities and you will realize you needn’t neglect your personal life in order to achieve your goals.

balance scorpio tarot reading september 2017
King of Wands reversed

In the upright position the King of Wands represents status, honor and a life well lived. If proper care is given to both your professional and social life, then this could be you. In the words of Tim Gunn, ‘make it work’!


Track your progress in your journal. Document one insight you gained from each of your loved ones during your five minutes together. It can be something specific you learned about them or what’s happening in their social and/or inner worlds. Or it can be an insight you gained about life. In either case, take this time seriously and try to connect with those you love. Jotting it down will help to ensure you’re really paying attention.

Enjoy September, Scorpio. Be sure to check out your complete September tarot reading now on my YouTube channel and enjoy shopping your September style guide!

balance scorpio tarot reading september 2017




We want to hear from you too! What tips do you use to balance your work and home life? Tell us in the comments below.

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