Let It Go. Let It Go. Let It Go! Dec 25-31 Love Guide

let it go

Let it go Lovers!

There is no better time to practice romance than now as we close out the solstice celebrations and roll into the new year. In this article I’m relaying the ways in which we can nurture our relationships and how each zodiac sign can romance themselves. The theme for the week of December 25 – 31 is Promote Peace! To do this Spirit suggests we show love in our relationships by doing the following:

  • Let it go! Whether we like it or not we will be surrounded by people we may not always see eye to eye with. Be determined to forgive others when they say or do things that annoy you. Let your motto be “like water off a duck’s back”.
  • Perception! Try to find and focus on the positive attributes of those we find challenging this holiday season. Notice that your reactions to others are your responsibility alone and you also can’t control how others choose to react to you.
  • Be committed! Make it your mission to go beyond the surface and really get to know someone you’re interested in. If you listen to the subtext of an argument you may find you really want the same thing.
  • Put your guard down! Accept the romantic gesture and say yes more often than no this week. Let go and have fun.

    let it go
    8 of cups
    Tarot of Sexual Magic by Lo Scarabeo
    Photo: Zipporah Aanael
  • Get over it! Let go of drama such as petty arguments and he said/she said. Accept forgiveness from others. Move away  from past hurts and embrace intimacy by enjoying the present moments.
  • Show gratitude! Recognize and appreciate your self worth. Know that you are worthy of enjoying all the lusciousness and good that life and others have to offer even if it’s only short term. Gratitude will always be the number one way to attract any good thing to your life including romance.

The zodiac signs can love themselves a little more this week by practicing these suggestions:


Celebrate your inward and outward accomplishments. You have honored your goals in life but have also made wonderful personal development strides. Celebrate your successes as a gesture of good will to yourself.


Remember how strong you have become over the past year and beyond. Strengthen your sense of self worth by believing in yourself and trusting your talents. Meditate on the Strength card below for inspiration.

let it go
Photo: Zipporah Aanael
The Tarot of Sexual Magic by Lo Scarabeo


Walk away from past emotional hurts. Stop blaming yourself for what didn’t go correctly in your past or previous relationships. Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. Let it go!


In your quest for success try to notice all the success you’ve already got all around you. Take stock of all the blessings you currently have and you’ll start to see you’ve already “made it”.


Allow yourself to relax. The mountain will still be there next week if you decide to take a break just this once.


Trust your instincts. Give your mind a rest by following your gut rather than doubting yourself or second guessing.


Embrace authority. People will naturally look up to you this week. Love yourself by having faith in your leadership capabilities and by graciously accepting credit when it is given to you. The Hierophant, pictured below, will provide motivation.

Let it go
Photo: Zipporah Aanael
The Tarot of Sexual Magic by Lo Scarabeo


Let them in. Release grudges and disappointments in favor of intimacy and compassion. Embracing your lover will nourish your soul this week.


Celebrate, let loose and let your hair down. Let the joy of the holidays find its expression in you and share it with others.


Accept the romantic offer and say yes to social outings this week. Invite someone out for coffee if need be but by all means be social. Take a hint from the Knight of Pentacles below and embrace the hand that feeds you Cappy.

let it go
Photo: Zipporah Aanael
The Tarot of Sexual Magic by Lo Scarabeo


Appreciate your divinity and independent successes. Treat yo’self for a job well done or for just no reason at all. The Queen of Pentacles knows her worth. Take notes Aquarius.

let it go
Photo: Zipporah Aanael
The Tarot of Sexual Magic by Lo Scarabeo


Embrace every new opportunity with open arms. One right move and you could end up with something you really want.

Spirit wants us to be kind to others this week mostly by being kind to ourselves. We do that when we resolve to say kinder things about ourselves, pat ourselves on the back and determine not to let anyone steal our joy this season. Take the high energy of this week and let it fuel your resolutions for peace, prosperity and gratitude in the new year.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to all.




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