About Zipporah Aanael


Intuitive Tarot Consultant


I utilize a comprehensive, holistic skill set in serving my clients. When conducting a consultation I may employ one or all of these tools in order to obtain the insight needed to assist the consumer.

My talents include but are not limited to…

Tarot & Oracle Guidance

Over a decade of metaphysical study and lifelong intuitive


Understanding of Universal Laws and Hermetic Principles

Astrological chart analysis

Good old fashioned common sense

It is important to remember that while invaluable, metaphysical and spiritual consulting is not a proven science. It is a means of advisement that one may or may not accept. I do not claim to be able to predict one’s future or life events nor can I control people or circumstances in one’s environment. Only the client can do the work required to reach their goals and only the client has control over their thoughts, deeds, and actions and ultimately their destiny. My services do not take away difficult circumstances that occur in life. Instead, they provide guidance and the metaphysical tools necessary to help you achieve a state of spiritual awareness that will help you cope and/or overcome life’s challenges.

I created this site in order to inspire and uplift others by highlighting and promoting the beautiful things in life. Our lives can easily become unbalanced. It is my intention to remedy this by emphasizing the healing properties of beauty in all its forms. I am on a mission to fully embrace the Divine Feminine and spread her light and love throughout the world! Or at least throughout the internet.

This is a positive space. Trolling, discouraging and/or discriminatory comments will not be tolerated and are subject to removal at the editor’s discretion. Love, support and encourage one another.


-Zipporah Aanael