The Imbolc sale has now ended. Thank You!

  • 1 Card Oracle Email  -$10.00 donation
    • Donations of $10.00 or more are eligible for a 1 card oracle draw. No question is submitted. The oracle is an inspirational message applicable to the day the card is drawn up to a week thereafter.
  • Prerecorded Relationship Reading -$35.00
    • This reading is for insight into relationships of all kinds including parent/child, spouse, friendship, sibling, etc. Relationship readings are intended to illuminate beneficial ways of relating and communicating. The client receives a full HD or 4K quality video recording of the reading via email.
  • Prerecorded Tarot Consultation -$55.00
    • A consultation is a complete life reading. They are used if the client has multiple questions or areas of life that need addressing. The client receives a full HD or 4K quality video recording of the reading via email.
  • Live Tarot Consultation (30 mins.) -$65.00
    • Live consultations are conducted in real time via phone or Skype/FaceTime.


To request a reading please send an email to the address below. Include the name of the desired service in the subject line. In the body of the email please include your full name and DOB. When requesting a relationship reading please also include the name of the relation and their DOB if possible. When requesting a full life consultation please advise in the body of the email what areas of life you are mostly concerned with (love life, career, home, etc). You will then receive an email with a secure PayPal link and our terms of service. The terms of service must be agreed to via email. Once the terms are accepted and the payment is sent the reading is fully booked. The current turnaround time for each service is listed below.

Booking Email:

Current Turnaround:

Prerecorded Readings: 2 day(s)

Live Consultations: 1 day(s)

Please note that you must be 18 years of age or older to retain my services. Please direct all questions regarding services and pricing (subject to change) to the above email address. Thank you!


Thanks to all who generously give from their heart to support this practice. Funds received are used toward the development and maintenance of this website and our various social media outlets as well as business costs such as overhead, equipment, etc. Your gift is graciously accepted and may abundance, love and light continually flow into your experience!

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